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Daniel in March 2017.

Daniel Pettersson’s interest in birds dates back to the early 90’s, when his birdwatching father brought him out into the nature.

The native of Stockholm, Sweden, grew up being outdoors almost every weekend to collect mushrooms & berries, watch birds and just enjoy the fresh air and peace that only nature can bring.

After a couple of years away from birdwatching, he found his way back it in the early 2000’s. During a vacation in Egypt in 2004 he discovered that he could aim with the family’s digital camera through his field scope to take a picture of a Pied Kingfisher sitting on a river bank in Aswan, Egypt and right there, a new chapter of his life began.

Since then Daniel has spent much of his time photographing birds, making many national and international journeys to photograph different species, with a special attraction to coastal settings and shorebirds. Daniel’s pictures can be found in several books and publications, the latest being Tous les oiseaux d’Europe (2015) and Europas Vadefugle (2015).

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